When Football PROs Make Stupid Mistakes

게시일 2020. 11. 30.
New episode of Terrible Mistakes in Football...featuring Thibaut Courtois, Marc Andre Ter Stegen, Erling Haaland, Virgil Van Dijk, David Luiz, David De Gea and many more football stars.
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  • 2:47 wheres the mistake

  • In the end they are also human beings

  • You can't call Maguire and mustafi pros

  • These defenders and gk`s deserve an MOTM they won the match for the opposite team

  • 6:02 stupid mistake? Wtf bro you are a hater

  • Lol cool cringe

  • even the best can make mistakes

  • No one was worse the psg player

  • Ter stegen did so many mistakes! But its okay , happens!

  • It’s almost like watching women’s soccer

  • There was no Messi or Ronaldo as only humans make mistakes

  • Pros or fc Barcelona

  • Mistakes happen After all everyone are humans......... Except for Jonesta,Smaldini Lingardinho maguire and Sir Karius

    • He’s pretty solid most of the times So.........NO he is a human

    • How about pique?

  • Song??

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  • varane hates jesus lol

  • bruh one of the clips were commentated in polish

    • @JanXeno haha lol dont worry bout it.

    • @Aaron Villarreal Ok, sorry for passive aggressiveness

    • @JanXeno oh nothing is wrong about it I just understood it.

    • Yeah, what’s wrong about it?

  • this videos can be renamed as legendary mistakes from barcalona..

  • i feel like ter stegen is a top keeper but makes loads of mistakes cause man was in here alot

  • No offense but Argentina National Team needs more defenders, they need a proper goalkeeper, and they need a good coach.

  • Pretty sure everyone is a 'pro footballer' in this video....

  • U didn't see Messi and Ronaldo bcoz only *humans make mistakes*

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  • Damn! So many Barcelona errors in here

  • Barcelona defender holy fuck

  • A lot of barca defender mistake in this video 🤣

  • Two months later 24th nice

  • 2 months late and 22nd lol

  • I like this video because this is my favorite team

  • Karius isn't a pro

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  • what is the beat called in the background ?


  • Varane...😐

  • De gea deserves to be in this vid more then once 🥱

  • Supper

  • Amazing.

  • Real Madrid and Barcelona 2020

  • English Captions Please As a Indian I don't understand these commentary and I am in excited to listen it.. A kind request 🙂

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  • Good video brother

  • Me third lol😂

  • I am the second

  • Could be the title of Harry Maguire's autobiography