The Day Cristiano Ronaldo & David Beckham met in 2006 World Cup

게시일 2020. 12. 15.
It was 2006 World Cup knock-out stage, England vs Portugal, ending up in Portugal win after Penalty shootout.
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  • Portugal keeper Ricardo was awesome. I still remember watching this match

  • Steven Gerrard my idol 🤗

  • Beckham, Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Rooney, Ferdinand what a team England had. Shame they didn't win world Cup.

  • Cr7 winger version

  • Beckham was everything that Cristiano wanted to be.

  • Where's Figo?

  • Para legenda membenci Ronaldo karna pernah di permalukan

  • Cristiano treated them like kids here

  • Being a good free kick taker doesn't mean u are the best, that's Beckham hahaha

  • 8:08 Jueves 4 de Marzo, 8:14 PM

  • Now we understand Rooney attitude towards Ronaldo ... till today

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  • Cris is beter vind ik

  • where is this time i cry because david lost 🥺😢😢

  • Wow.... beckham, cr 7, gerrard,lampard are in one frame. . . . But that time ,he was cr 17.

  • Lampard, Gerrard and beckham, what a midfield

  • Seriously can't understand that England didn't even go to semis with that squad, what an outstanding squad that was

    • Less colective despite England squad has outstanding individual skill

  • It was Cr17

  • Trust me , English players always hated Cristiano cause he was better than them

  • Commentators said Cristiano Ronaldo 109 times in the whole video

  • Beckham really has 99 passing

  • you can clearly tell how hurt rooney was when ronaldo did that

  • Ronaldo meets his idol in Beckham. No.7, man UTD , then to real Madrid , right midfield. Set piece experts. 2 legends of the game that will go down in history but Ronaldo's legacy has a few more goals in it lol,

  • Khub bhalo laglo God bless.

  • England playing Beck, Lampard & Gerrard at the same time when technically they all are the same. England downfall.

  • 0:19 cristiano calling rooney (wazza)

    • what does that mean?

  • Ahh The Day English Fans began their HATE AGAINST RONALDO you can't blame him for Rooney exit he simply fought for his colours I would do the same!!🟢🔴👊

  • The day that CR7 and Portugal take revenge in the 64 World Cup, when England stole the World Cup from Eusébio. Karma, only that.

    • Portugal beat England 1-0 in world cup 1986 that was their revenge

  • Legends 🌟❤️

  • Beckham 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • No one Absolutely no one Not a single soul Me as a Liverpool fan: gerradddddddddd

  • This guy has a bright future . He should move to Spain to break Barcelona's dominance.

  • Better than Messi whole 2014 World Cup highlights, without any exaggeration But you will still see his fans shouting about how he "carried" Argentina to 2014 World Cup final and how Higuain "let him down" and how Penaldo has done nothing in World Cup ever.

  • The greatest and the most overrated footballer ever in the same match, against each other. What a coincidence

  • Pardo e Di gennaro orgoglio italiano🇮🇹

  • My favourite players😊😊

  • Cr7🔥🔥🔥

  • Iconic 7s

  • Cristiano Ronaldo was so beginner in that game but he was so stubborn.

  • Cristiano can you step on ur feet XD

  • L Figo, C Ronaldo 💘 D Beckham, S Gerard, F Lampard, W Rooney 💘

  • Gerrard was fantastic ❤️❤️

  • Wow what a quality

  • Ronaldo is a goal machine not passing machine..

  • RonaldoDybala is the king Footbal Player..Love Juventus RonaldoDybala😘😘😘

  • Its disrespectfull putting those 2 together. Ronaldo was already in another planet.

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  • How I wish I could go back to 2006

  • You can easily tell that Ronaldo is the best one on the pitch no question.

  • E di ke shqiptare ti qe ke kanalin kshu qe like komentit tom❤🇦🇱

  • Foot ball watsapp group undo

    • What

  • Ese era otro Ronaldo. Después apareció su evolución.

  • Ronaldo left beckham in the dust

  • Who won

  • Ronaldo trying not to smile whilst stepping up to take his penalty He just knew 💥

  • Manchester united vs real madrid (0-0) must watch pes..

  • 6:28 you're welcome

  • Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest ever fact 👑

  • Is this the match where Ronaldo and Rooney clashed?

  • Is this England's golden generation 🤔


  • The first time they met was in Euro 2004 Quarter-final match Portugal Vs England, England lost to penalties.

  • Correction: They met at Euro 2004 quarterfinals. That was their first meeting. This was the 2006 World Cup quarterfinals. Portugal won both games on penalties ☝️

  • Beckham sucks. So overrated and slow

  • Two Man united legends

  • 😜

  • It's amazing how Cristiano Ronaldo was after the Ball than any other other there.

  • I play better than Ronaldo

    • @Mahmud enwaili how was that a joke....I just congratulated him...are you alright?

    • Your joke isn't funny

    • 😂😂 kaha kaha se a jate hain football ka f bhi nehi ata jisko o comment kar rehe hain

    • Good for you

  • Boa tarde Nice amén vai trabalhar

  • Cr7 to man utd

  • Ronaldo is the best 🔥🔥

  • Nice 👍