All Champions League Finals & Goals (2005-2020)

게시일 2021. 01. 23.
0:00 Milan vs Liverpool - 2005
1:54 Barcelona vs Arsenal - 2006
2:38 Liverpool vs Milan - 2007
3:35 Chelsea vs Manchester United - 2008
4:16 Barcelona vs Manchester United - 2009
4:57 Bayern Munich vs Inter - 2010
5:49 Barcelona vs Manchester United - 2011
7:05 Chelsea vs Bayern Munich - 2012
8:34 Bayern Munich vs Dortmund - 2013
10:05 Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid - 2014
12:25 Barcelona vs Juventus - 2015
13:36 Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid - 2016
14:48 Juventus vs Real Madrid - 2017
16:36 Real Madrid vs Liverpool - 2018
18:05 Liverpool vs Tottenham - 2019
19:13 Paris vs Bayern Munich - 2020
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  • Madrid & barca 4 final 4 champions. Awesome

  • 6:11

  • I feel good

  • so many english teams in the final

  • I'm looking for any goal from Cassino in the video. He has been criticising CR7 lately for no reasons

  • I just wanna say thank you so much to that one who had brought the trophy ceremony back to the field since 2017!!!

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  • Real Madrid is the undisputed king of UCL

  • 6:10 ouch!

  • That 2009 Barça team 🥵🥵🥵

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  • goal

  • The 2019 final was pretty boring ngl

  • Final track id?

  • someone fix these time stamps, they’re all messed up dammit

  • Raneial

  • Bayern 2010 - 2013 is the most emotional. From zero to hero. Robben has made payback from his failure back then

  • Real madrid is the best league hahaha i am bacelona fan too yeah😀😀😀

  • I remember watching the 2005 final 25 times

  • Génial

  • 16:10 I love Liverpool, is he really a keeper?

  • Shevchenko most pathetic penalty ever

  • Still, ever and before. Doesn't matter. Real Madrid is the biggest football club in the whole world. No argue abaou that issue!

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  • Real the kings of Europe

  • 10:00 these guys are obviously real madrid fans

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  • 2020 final worst by far

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  • Poor Juventus and poor Atletico both could've had 2 in a couple yrs

  • Great video ❤️

  • Italian commentators have always been the best!

  • The 2015 msn🤩

  • I support real madrid , but still , that Dortmund 2013 squad was heartbreaking to see them loose the final

  • 2005 İstanbul is the best 🇹🇷

  • skipped xabi alonso penalty that made it 3-3

  • Wow

  • Where is the Alonso goal in the first one.... ?

  • Liverpool European Royalty....are u watching Manchester City Haha

  • Vai Corinthians eu sou de Brasil🇧🇷⚫⚪ e sou Corinthiano⚫⚪🦅

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  • Messi never deserved the 2006 UCL tbh

  • Man City UCL Champions 2021

  • İstanbul Atatürk Olympic stadium

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  • Where is Xabi GOAL 2005 FOR Penalty


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  • PSG

  • Without cr7 real madrid are never going to win ucl again

  • 6:47 when your mom refuses to buy you chocolate

  • Mehn, I love football

  • 18:36 this was the day I decided to HATE Liverpool for life

  • Wow didn't realise the video end at 2021

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  • When you realised how beautiful was the past😓

  • Gol gol gol cuatro cuatro cuatro gol gol gol comentaristas o fanáticos con micrófonos?

  • 2018 champions league final the Dax kauius gets sold

  • Football is nothing without fans... until 2025 we will not see fans on the stadium😭

  • Thank god you didn’t put that overpowering stupid disco music in the background. Idk why so many soccer channels do that. It ruins the entire video. I want to hear the fans screaming their nuts off. I don’t want to hear your bs music playlist.

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  • 🙏🤗🙏

  • Real Madrid won 3 times CL in a row ... I didin't think I see the same from another club in my life ...

  • ronaldo dives the way into winning

  • Chelsea won 1

  • PSG really spent 1B on players to get clapped by their academy player 😭😭

    • 1 billion? They spent about 5-6 hundred million, and half of it was on Neymar and Mbappe


  • Zidane was assistant coach or was there

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  • Kwai795720417

  • Cristiano ha segnato in finale a 10 anni di distanza dalla prima volta.... Fenomeno... 6 finali poi

  • Fa male milan liverpool

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  • Sono 1554 e il video è uscito da 1 mese

  • Chelsea campeão

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  • 0:00 start of the legend

  • Back when Barcelona and Real Madrid were the 2 kings of the world

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  • All Champions League goals, proceeds to miss the last goal of the 2005 final...

  • Crazy how bad the ucl 19 final was compared to how good the season was


  • Liverpool lost against real because the goalkeeper was dogshit lmfao

  • I like how it was liverpool and milan almost 2 years in a row lmfao

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  • This video made by Ronaldo fan😏

  • 10:03 gol de Madrid... Oh really? 🥸💩

  • carlo ancelotti + z. zidane

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  • Hate when Liverpool fans thought they should have won in 2018. Madrid beat PSG, Juventus, and Bayern Munich to get to the final that year. When Liverpool should have gotten a penalty against them in the Roma game.

  • spanish commentation is the funniest thing ever, especially if you understand it

  • Forza Milan

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  • Got goosebumps on drogba's and sergio ramos goals

  • Hay que ser salado nivel Juventus para llegar 3 veces en la final y no ganar ninguna.

  • Barca kebanggan saya

  • Ajax should of been in the 2019 Finals.

    • A team that bottles a 3-0 on aggregate, does not deserve anything