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Welcome to Alsido Football!

I have created this channel to express my love for football in an inspiring way. I put hours upon hours into every single one of my videos to make them feel unique. Subscribe to see some of the best football content you can find on KO-u.
Weekly new videos about Neymar Jr, Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi and retired Legends like Zidane, Ronaldinho, Maradona, Beckham and many more!

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- Cinematic Edits
- Promos
- Match comps

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10:13World Class Saves in Football
World Class Saves in Football조회수 19K일 전
6:30Funny Moments in Football
Funny Moments in Football조회수 28K일 전
6:3314 Legendary Headers
11:24The Craziest Football Game Ever!
The Craziest Football Game Ever!조회수 7K2 개월 전
11:59The day Spain Fans Will Never Forget
The day Spain Fans Will Never Forget조회수 6K2 개월 전
10:27Best Skills of 2020
Best Skills of 2020조회수 7K2 개월 전
10:49WTF Moments in Football
WTF Moments in Football조회수 1.4M3 개월 전
10:17When Football PROs Make Stupid Mistakes
9:46200 IQ Plays in Football
200 IQ Plays in Football조회수 19K3 개월 전
11:1324 Solo Goals that Shocked the World
24 Solo Goals that Shocked the World조회수 10K3 개월 전
9:51Zinedine Zidane Last Game for Real Madrid
8:32Cristiano Ronaldo Last Game for Real Madrid
7:54Cristiano Ronaldo Best Hattrick Ever!
Cristiano Ronaldo Best Hattrick Ever!조회수 28K5 개월 전
9:28WTF Moments in Football
WTF Moments in Football조회수 30K5 개월 전
4:39Cristiano Ronaldo can't Stop Scoring!
Cristiano Ronaldo can't Stop Scoring!조회수 109K5 개월 전


  • Being a good free kick taker doesn't mean u are the best, that's Beckham hahaha

  • 8:08 Jueves 4 de Marzo, 8:14 PM

  • Aguas que se cae el barrilete cosmico (qepd)

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  • Now we understand Rooney attitude towards Ronaldo ... till today

  • 16:10 I love Liverpool, is he really a keeper?

  • Shevchenko most pathetic penalty ever

  • 🐦🐦🎼🌺

  • 8:42, penaltyyy

  • Batshuayi ! 🤕🤣🤣

  • 9:46 peek-aboo green animation 😂

  • what a shit video

  • That Neymar foul was why I dislike football

  • Cueva csm

  • This is now are never

  • مممم

  • Nice video, bro

  • R.I.P Bruno he will never have children 5:32

  • 3:41 TI ASPECTO

  • til this day i cant believe the ref didnt mark a foul on suarez when he clearly kicked varanes leg

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  • 6:02 stupid mistake? Wtf bro you are a hater

  • Hi

  • Still, ever and before. Doesn't matter. Real Madrid is the biggest football club in the whole world. No argue abaou that issue!

  • This comentator is legend. In the begning he says : '' Here s the man who needs no introduction'' and then '' Here is Lionel Messi who is priceless''

  • Damn people screaming, chering and jeering. Just one year ago it was normal now it feels nostalgic

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  • The person who is reading this, I wish you a calm, successful, and healthy life forever ❤

  • The person who is reading this, I wish you a calm, successful, and healthy life forever ❤

  • Real the kings of Europe

  • 10:00 these guys are obviously real madrid fans

  • 6:07 vvd was faster than adama traore

  • Ronaldo at Barcelona was a different breed

  • Soccer*

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  • 2020 final worst by far

  • A

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  • Just imagine if he has, Higuain, Agüero, dybala, Martínez , Aniesta , Savi, di María, wow.

  • Lol suarez nearly killed varane !😂

  • Poor Juventus and poor Atletico both could've had 2 in a couple yrs

  • Great video ❤️

  • Good vids, but your football opinions are horrible😂😂

  • Italian commentators have always been the best!

  • Zidane number 1. Amazing player.

  • The 2015 msn🤩

  • I support real madrid , but still , that Dortmund 2013 squad was heartbreaking to see them loose the final

  • 2005 İstanbul is the best 🇹🇷


  • Alternative title - Morata fights everyone

  • 138 800 like

  • Ascultati la mine: Nu trebuie sa se mai numeasca fotbal, ar fi trebuit sa se numeasca KARATE KID!

  • Nice game..

  • skipped xabi alonso penalty that made it 3-3

  • believe it again

  • not like the next team, so disgrace the 2-8 massacre

  • Real Madrid destroyed their future goalie.

  • Wow

  • Barca’s decline began the moment they let Elneny score against them at Nou Camp

  • Lol cool cringe

  • even the best can make mistakes

  • Where is the Alonso goal in the first one.... ?

  • Its kinda fitting that their first game was a draw

  • Liverpool European Royalty....are u watching Manchester City Haha

  • Vai Corinthians eu sou de Brasil🇧🇷⚫⚪ e sou Corinthiano⚫⚪🦅

  • Damn. Mbappe is so quick!!!

  • Messi is a king

  • I mean "the day Portugal Fans Will Never Forget", sry mate but this one is kinda bullshit.Like,it's the first edition of the Nation's League, it's literally a trophy without history, we re just kinda "yay" when we won.It's very veryyyyyy far different from the Euro

  • Saw it live

  • Robert Pires :)

  • Now do it once again

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